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Tap the Craft Episode 79: Best Beers List

In Episode 79 Kris, John and Denny decide to make their own best beer list to share with the community.  So find out what beers make the cut and feel free to make your own list and share with us.

Tap the Craft Episode 76: The Wee Heavy Show

We bring our buddy Kris McKenzie back in Episode 76 and talk about Scotch Ales.  We cover the 2015 BJCP style guidelines for the Strong British Wee Heavy style, as well as have live tasting notes with the Founders Dirty

Tap the Craft Episode 74: Asheville Brew Crawl #WhalezBro

In Episode 74 we have Kris McKenzie joining us to share his experiences in Asheville, NC and talk about the craft beer scene. We also discuss an article about Beerslanging and breakdown some of the most common used beer slang.

Tap the Craft Episode 72: Branding, Marketing and Vegas Meetup

The three amigos unite again on Episode 72. Yes, Kris McKenzie joins us to help celebrate John’s birthday and talk about the meetup in Las Vegas and all the great beer we consumed.  We also discuss the process of branding

Tap the Craft Episode 68: Untappd 3.0 Unleashed

Episode 68 keeps you informed on the new Untappd 3.0 update and provides you with a good dose of our buddy Kris McKenzie too. We love it when Kris joins the show because he provides our east coast listeners some

Tap the Craft Episode 64: 2017 Craft Beer Predictions

Episode 64 starts off 2017 with some craft beer predictions for the year.  We welcome Kris McKenzie back as a guest host as John is enjoying some vacation time.  Kris and Denny discuss two articles with different takes on the