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OFR 287 – OFR South 2016

Join Blueman, TMO, Vladz, Faitios, SamcTX and Derek for Ep 287 of the OFRcast. We all have the same worst of the week as our hearts are broken over the loss of the Littlest Warrior, Mason. Love and prayers to

OFRFiles 286 – I Want To Believe

TMO, Detroitslasher, Vladz and Faitios are back for OFR 286 along with a clip from Bluemanrule. This week we talk about the return of the X-files, the OFR gang and friends going to PAX SOUTH 2016, a new He-man movie?, The

OFR 285 – Your beard looks MARVELOUS

Your beard looks Marvelous, actually…. SUPER! TMO, Bluemanrule, Detroitslasher and Vladz are joined by our old friend Heroic Superman (and his awesome beard). We catch up with Superman, talk all the Marvel goodness on and coming to Netflix and ABC,

OFR 284 – Aftermath

TMO, Vladz and Detroit are back for Ep 284 We talk about trademarking catch phrases, Billion Dollar plus Jackpots, Early Adopters not getting screwed this time with Oculus VR, the cost of VR, RIP David Bowie, Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry’s

OFR 283 – Committed to the game

Bluemanrule, Detroitslasher and Vladz are back in your ears for OFR 283. We talk about fallen and retired rockstars, fallen console servers, rising ticket and game sales for Star Wars, Charging your controller and a MASSIVE amount of people playing

OFR 279 – Broken Reality

Welcome to OFR 279 our guest Samuel aka @imonahorse, aka Cerebralshrike. We discuss Destiny’s podracing… I mean Sparrow Racing League, The Batman vs Superman trailer, Sony Experience 2015… our likes, dislikes and the broken VR demo. We also continue the