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OFR 477 – Just Friends Talking

Our brother and friend Terry ( @tmoHOU87 ) with Bill, Derek and Jason ( @Vladzhammer, @detroitslasher @jomalley1981 ) just friends talking before podcasting about our interests and topics of the week on OFR475. *Recorded Tuesday night 9/24/19 – RIP Terry

OFRFiles 286 – I Want To Believe

TMO, Detroitslasher, Vladz and Faitios are back for OFR 286 along with a clip from Bluemanrule. This week we talk about the return of the X-files, the OFR gang and friends going to PAX SOUTH 2016, a new He-man movie?, The

OFR 270 – OFRN Moonspike

TMO, Blueman, Detroit and Vladz announce OFR’s plans to join the Moonspike crowdfund to send the OFR Network show names, gamertags and people who review any of the OFR Network Shows on iTunes to the MOON!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/moonspike/moonspike-the-worlds-first-crowdfunded-moon-rocket We also talk about

OFR #93 – Welcome back Tmo!

It’s been a long time coming but Terry aka TMoHOU87 makes his triumphant return to the OFR mic.  We discuss rehabilitation, Grimm, Breaking Bad, Mass Effect 2 and 3, the Walking Dead and anime.  Yes, we bounce all across the