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OFR 260 – EMOJI Summer

TMO and BLUE are with you for this week’s OFR. They discuss: Nintendo, Killing Joke – Joker, Batman, Pixels, Adam Sandler, the EMOJI movie, Sharknado, Game Consoles using Mouse and Keyboards, Game Consoles becoming a PC of sorts, Windows 10,

PYP 82: Coinjoined

I am joined by Brian a.k.a Quiglin of Coin-op.tv.  This free-roam episode covers everything from PAX South to digitial distribution.  We provide a short tribute to Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata.  All this and more on episode 82 of  Prove Your Point.

PYP 61: Future Proof

Knoxbroadcast and The AceBlack stop in to discuss the Windows 10 event today, including Direct X12, cross-platform play, and the Microsoft Holo Lens. Stop in and enjoy the last show before PAX South 2015.  Enjoy PYP 61. Hosts: Larry “Bluemanrule”