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OFR 239 – The 1886 OFR Oscars

TMO, Vladz, Knox and Ace are back this week with OFR 239. Henry played and brings us highlights from his review of Sony’s The Order 1886. We also discuss Vladz’s PC of DOOM!!, YouTube for kids, GTAV for PC delays,

PYP 39: Faitios (Free Roams)

Jason aka Faitios drops by Prove Your Point. There is no fomal debate but Jason and I often disagree. As always, thanks for listening and we appreciate your feedback. Sit back and enjoy PYP 39.   P.S. There were terrible

OFR 177: The One Pamela Ate

  TmoHOU87, Josh TheNoyse, and Bluemanrule HAD a fantastic show lined up for you but technical difficulties (translation: Pamela) prevented us from delivering the intended discussion regarding VGX, the Houston Texans, Blacklist, Arrow, Revolution, Portland Winters, Snow, and a plethora