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OFR 458 – The Handshake

Open Forum Radio – Episode 458 OFR Season 10 (Episode 26) – The Handshake Tuesday, May 21st 2019 9:54 EST. Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Whiskey, Derek, Vladz,   (Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com) WTF?!   Best Friends? Or Fiends? In a move


Open Forum Radio – Episode 389 OFR Season 9 (Episode 10) – OFR HE HATE ME Tuesday, January 30th  2018 9:56 EST. Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Derek, Vladz, Jason, AA (Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com)   The XFL announcement: Here are

OFR 261 – Chew Bubblegum & Kick Ass

OFR is proud to bring Zabari back behind the OFR microphone as he joins us for OFR 261. We discuss Gamescon 2015 so far, Windows 10 upgrades, Game prices and sales, KFC buckets and pictures, GTA RPS mods, our Best/Worst,

OFR 244 – The Conquering Hero

TMO, Vladz, Ace are joined again by Kevin aka (D3ATH_F0M_AB0V3) to talk about the awesome stuff that is going on this past week. The Walking Dead, Spin-offs, Halo trailers,  Halo On-line, Transformers, the new Bond Movie, Game Nights, NFL, NCAA,

PYP 38: Central Characters

Mike, aka Scarfinger, and Henry, aka KnoxBroadcast, join Ace and Blue to discuss the gaming/enthusiast media and out two most anticipated games of 2014.  Henry and Blue debate the need for games to revolve around a central character.  It’s a