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OFR 279 – Broken Reality

Welcome to OFR 279 our guest Samuel aka @imonahorse, aka Cerebralshrike. We discuss Destiny’s podracing… I mean Sparrow Racing League, The Batman vs Superman trailer, Sony Experience 2015… our likes, dislikes and the broken VR demo. We also continue the

OFR 277 – OFR the 7 Year Itch

Tuesday, Nov 24th – 9:30 EST (OFR #1 recorded 11/24/09) The 7 Year Itch is upon us! Happy Birthday to us as we enter the 7th Season of OFR. Bluemanrule, Tmo, Vladz, Derek the DetroitSlasher, Denny from Tap the Craft

OFR 245 – OFR Opening Day

TMO, Blueman, Vladz and ACEBLACK are in the line-up for OFR Opening Day! We discuss MLB, Crowds, lines, and the food at Ballparks. We also talk about new games only coming out on the current systems and what to do

PYP 49: SotI Summer 2014 B-Side

This is Side B (2 of 2) of the The State of the industry podcast. This show we concentrate on software, marketplaces (digital and physical), exclusive console and retailer content and the one console future with regard to Microsoft, Sony,

PYP 48: SotI Summer 2014

We discuss the pertinent issues within the gaming community.  We talk the hardware, online features, software,  and gaming communities surrounding game devices today.  Scarfinger (GeeksGoneRaw), Faitios (MyPeanutGallery), KnoxBroadcast and Aceblack (OpenForumRadio) all join Bluemanrule to discuss gaming.  This is part

PYP 42: Hammertime!

The Editor Extraordinaire Bill “Vladzhammer” stops in to free roam with me.  I sit down and talk to my long time friend and touch our many loves in life, music, games, friends, and podcasting.  We discuss E3, the magic of