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OFR 507 – OFR Next Generation

Open Forum Radio – Episode 507 OFR Season 11 (Episode 25) – OFR the Next Generation  Tuesday, October 27th 2020 9:45 EST Introduction & Roll Call: Derek & Vladz (Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com) Pre-Next Generation  New consoles drop in a just

OFR 504 – All Fun and Games

Open Forum Radio – Episode 504 OFR Season 11 (Episode 22) – OFR All Fun and Games Tuesday, July 28th 2020 9:45 EST Introduction & Roll Call: Derek, Vladz, Whiskey (Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com) So this past Thursday Xbox had the

State of the Industry (SOTI) 3 of 3

Personal Thoughts 1:00 – What features are you looking forward to? 5:25 – What is the future of gaming conventions and shows? 6:45 – 1 Vs 100 making a comeback? 8:30 – Why we’ll miss gaming conventions and shows 10:00

Kerrymike’s Top Ten Games of 2017

I can’t believe it but here we are at the end of 2017. I have had a great year playing some interesting and exciting games. A few of the games were very frustrating with their respective flaws, but entertaining nevertheless.

Facetious 63: All Meefed Up

This week, @Meefj from @EverydayGamers joins us to discuss church signs, amd ryzen, & the 5 worst me squadmates! Watch live on YouTube. Enjoy Facetious 63! Let’s get it!

Facetious 61: Use Your Words

This week, we discuss discuss John Oliver vs Bill Maher, the most overused words/phrases,  and how it feels  when someone takes your bacon.  To watch the action unfold on Youtube, go here. Enjoy Facetious 61! Let’s get it!

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