Reviewed by Lamar Kukuk


I’ve always found that blue humor is best when it can let its flag fly: the harder comics try to “push the envelope” on TV, all the while remaining sealed inside that envelope, the more they start to look a little desperate. The movies are the place for transgressive comedy, because the level of censorship in play is vastly lower, and just as Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s South Park played infinitely better as a movie than a TV show, Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane finds a much more welcoming home for his particular brand of Simpsons-influenced potty mouthed craziness on the big screen. Ted has a can’t-miss high concept paired with perfect casting: it’s funny enough to think of a guy who can’t let go of his childhood talking teddy bear, even after that bear has curdled into a foul-mouthed degenerate, but even funnier if that guy is Mark Wahlberg. The action star is also a gifted comedian and shows it here in a performance so all-in it boggles the mind. Like any good half-hour of FOX animation, Ted is jam-packed with pop cultural in-jokes, from wonderfully wrong narration by Sir Patrick Stewart to a delightful round of celebrity cameos led by Flash Gordon star Sam Jones. And in the end, there’s surprising maturity and even emotional heft to McFarlane’s story of the compromises necessary to add new people to our lives as we grow up. Even without Baby Stewie, Ted is one of the best movies of the summer.

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