The Final Posting of the Day

As the weekend approaches and business shut down for a day or two (most not all) I have opted to give myself Saturday off. Yes okay that might sound wierd seeing as I dont have a Monday to Friday job at present anyways, but I owe it to myself and to Annette to just rest for a day. To have a day watching movies and generally switching off from real life for just a short time. I spend so much time thinking about the FromPage2Screen Movie shows, or the FromPage2Screen Lifecasts, I sometimes forget to spend time living. Oops.

So for now I sit here at my editing suite creating a new title sequence for the LifeCast which shall be recorded on Monday. I have opted to not give up the lifecast in order to pursue the latest project that came about yesterday, but in fact to just maintain the four shows that are part of the FromPage2Screen structure. Its within my grasp to maintain those shows. Nothing about that worries me.

So anyone curious about the Geek Moment of the Day? Well today was quieter than yesterday and got off to a slower start, but as I sit here and type this to you. I had mild contact with two film people today.

One of them was the Director of The Last Castle and the up and coming Straw Dogs remake. I had swapped a message or two with him yesterday and have done the same thing again today.  The other Geek Moment Of The Day is that this lady has started following us on Twitter.

Shes called Brooke Lewis and check her out on IMDB. Looking her massive list of projects, Brooke seems to focus on a lot of the Gothic Horror type films that have a pretty big following. I shall be checking out one or two of her films and hopefully it wont be the last time I chat to Brooke.

So for a quiet day in the FromPage2Screen world, thats not too bad is it. I wonder what the busy days shall bring?