The PSn Outage

So here we are at day three or four of this outage and day three or for of hearing nothing from Sony. They keep putting out these updates on the Playstation Blog but the last two have been pretty much the same thing.

I’m sick of turning on my Playstation3 and see the error message ” we are down for maintenance”. That’s just total bull crap and to me as a PLaystation Plus member it’s unacceptable. Please don’t just keep saying that and just tell us the truth. Is it anonymous or is it something else?

Once again the genius Marketing team and the Public Relations team are showing us what the really care about and it’s not there consumers. I try to look at the great things that Sony has to offer us as Gamers and as a community but right know I feel betrayed by Sony.

Yes I will continue to use my Ps3 when this outage is over but with the forum I have on Open Forum Radio and on The40cast my voice will be heard and it will be heard loudly!

I am not happy with this at all!

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Matt White

Vic, I hear ya there man. I know that I am trying to deal with this network outage with other things, but online is a huge deal to folks that like to play online. I get that. I also agree that sony should be a bit more forthcoming with information about this and possibly a timetable for when the PSN will be back up, but if they are having to recode the entire PSN, then that could take some time. Let our voices be heard huh?


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