The Stupid Is Spreading…

This was one of the worst weeks as far as the NFL was concerned. The NFL is officially bad. As poignantly pointed out by insane NBC it’s been nearly 2 decades since the Chiefs and the Raiders last played a meaningful game against each other. McNabb got pulled in favor of “Fine China” for a two minute drill officially revoking Mike Shanahan’s Football Genius title – either that or solidifying doubts that McNabb is a reliable or quality quarterback bound for Kordell Stewart Express.

I’m officially in camp Randy Moss. It’s refreshing to hear an athlete be honest and say something with some substance regarding a stupid policy by an oblivious administration.

Sorry if I don’t shed a tear for Old Grey Wang. Game in and game out across the NFL or the NHL, players get stitches within a game and play through pain without being carted off in dramatic and utterly BS fashion. You sound like a candied ass bitch compared to the rest of the NFL and what they go through in a game. Go away and die, I know I’m not the only one who can care less if you play another game again. And I quote: “I can’t complain, but I probably should.” That’s straight from the hayseed’s blubbering mouth. Kiss my ass because I’ve had enough.

Duncan Keith of the Blackhawks lost 7 teeth in the playoffs and was back on the ice within 10 minutes. You’re not tough, Grey Wang. You’re a candied ass bitch and the world is a better place without your soap opera.

Between Old Grey Wang, sexting scandals, concussing hits, and all without a quality stand out team to take attention back to winning, this is the dumbest NFL season I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe this is the new NFL and how in the hyper sensitive and outrageous media machine is going to be in the future but I want no part of it. I’m willing to watch games on mute without the influence and the pandering morons that turn every play into the greatest thing the game has ever seen or seeing a player make a routine run, block, pass or catch. Shut up and add value.

Other than being pissed off about the NFL and wondering how stupid can spread so fast from South Bend, IN across the country, oh wait, I remember NBC; Sunday Night Football out drew the World Series. Hey Selig – You’re always going to be second fiddle to the NFL. And that’s coming from a person where baseball is number one in their heart. I hope you learned your lesson you clown.