This Turkey Needs To Be Slaughtered

It’s official: Phil “Turkey Neck” Rodgers of the Chicago Tribune is baseball retarded. He’s an insult to the Baseball Writers of America and should go back home to Texas where readers care more about their football teams including high school, the various D1 teams, and the Cowboys/Texans more than the Rangers or Astros. Yes I know that new owner Nolan Ryan is looking to restore some respect to the Rangers after not only helping the team get to their first playoff birth in a decade, but also their first World Series appearance, even though they embarrassed themselves.

Turkey Neck, never in the history of the game have same city teams ever traded their most valuable organizational piece – their GM. By you writing your latest droll-ridden publication (seen here), you just showed your hand that you’re trying to fill the anti-White Sox shoes left by alleged woman beater Jay Mariotti, when he skipped out to “blog” for a sinking ship in AOL. In that pile, you suggest that the successful GM be traded with some of his biggest success to the disaster on the Northside of the City, while the Cubs send over some of their biggest bust down south.

Maybe this response is that you’re looking for however it’s disgusting and cheap. You’re a small-minded fool in a city that deserves better in terms of baseball. It’s pedantic and beneath even the most amateur of baseball fans. You’re only one part of the problems that baseball fans have to deal with on a daily basis. If fans can get one win, it would be learning of your dismissal or relocation. Fans have to win one battle at a time and slowly but surely, the game will be cleansed and be better without you. You’re a small man, and should be sent away as soon as possible.

In other news, the Blackhawks still know how to put the over-rated Vancouver Canucks  and their candied-ass goalie over a barrel, for 7 goals. Now it comes off of a stupid loss to Calgary but a win is a win and the Blackhawks need to have a good trip. They should be at 3-0 but 2-1 is tolerable.

My magic number is at 6 and that is so very sweet. Remember South Beach: you showboated after the signing and invited all the pressure. I don’t like hearing you or your fans bitch and moan saying “Why don’t other teams have this scrutiny?” You asked for it and excuse the pun but: if you can’t take the Heat, get outta the kitchen. Remember, you asked for it, now deal with it. Put up or shut up. Looks like you’re going to be needing to shut up.