Thursday Update: Fanboys Flopped

I’ve been continuing to plow through my dusty list and the most recent crossed off item had little payoff. When I saw Clerks 2 on DVD a long while ago, I saw a trailer for what could have been a geek humor pillar in “Fanboys” and after months of sitting on it, I should have never even considered it.

I’ve seen my fair share of stupid comedies riddled with stupid humor but in all honesty, this falls to the lowly level of “Balls of Fury”. It plain sucked. The only redeeming qualities are the cameos. SPOILER ALERT! If you even need that because chances are you’ve already seen it or I’m doing you a big favor and telling you and saving you the time by telling you who the cameos are: Seth Rogan, Danny Trejo, Ethan Suplee, Billy Dee Williams, William Shatner, Carrie Fisher, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes (Jay), Ray Park, Will Forte, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride. The cast is full of familiar faces and Kristen Bell rounds out the plucky cast. I loved the references and digs that the writers get on the “The Phantom Menace” but I found myself being more like the “Family Guy – Two & a Half Men – Live studio audience Ostrich”. The writers played up the stereotypes of Trekkies and Star Warsians, but it came across as cheap and shallow. I don’t get Kristen Bell’s appeal. She was frumpy throughout the entire movie and came across like Boof from “Teen Wolf”. I feel like with all the crappy movies she’s done (And no, I haven’t seen “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” or “Veronica Mars”) but I feel like she owes male audience members a good 15 minutes of topless screen time because she just seems like a pain in the ass. “Fanboys” is easily in the top 5 of the last 5 years in my bad movie list. It makes “Miss March” seem like an age-old classic even with its sophomoric and guy humor. “Fanboys” gets a 1 out of 5 in the Open Forum Radio ratings. Forget it and do something better. I wish I had.

I could have watched a sloppy Bulls team come from behind and beat a dreadful Cavs team or I could have seen Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford stave off an onslaught of Dallas Stars shots and hold on for the win.

I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel the desire to play the “Uncharted” series. I’m long overdue to play the two released games and the announcement of “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception” and after seeing “Halo: Legends” on Blu-Ray, I want to play something pretty. Yes I know that the PS3 has some of the most beautiful games.