Top 100 Films for myself, the first choice

A friend of mine has some bills, So I suggested to his wife that she tell him that he must get rid of a large part of his DVD collection and only keep a certain amount. I didnt see much point in him having that many films. Then I realised that I should do the same and so asked Annette how many I should keep. She said 100. I agreed.

And so I am pondering out of the 900 or so films that I own, which films definately deserve a place in the Top 100 collection. The easiest thing to do would be to have a shelf and start putting them on, one by one. But I dont have a spare shelf thats secure and so I am putting the titles on a spreadsheet.

Are you wondering which films have earned their place? I know I am.

I thought that for a bit of fun and to get some debate going as I select each film, I will post a blog about it and why I want that film to be in my 100 titles.

So first up and am pretty sure 99% percent of you will wonder why I am keeping this film or why I even like this film.

It was released into UK theatres in the summer of 1986 and was the first 18 certificate film I ever saw at the cinema. I was 15 years old and actually spent the vast majority of the film turning around to make sure the ice cream lady in the cinema hadnt seen me and was going to throw me out. But I saw enough of the film to know that its a very guilty pleasure but a film that I still like to this day.

Which film?

Cobra(1986) Starring Sylvester Stallone and Bridget Neilsen,Brian Thompson and Andrew Robinson.

Yes its cheesy. Yes the soundtrack (which I own) is cheesy, No its actually not that violent and looks pretty dated nowadays.

But I still have a fondness for this film and for that reason. Its the first film to get a permanent slot in Stuarts Top 100 Films.