Top Ten Of 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Top Games Of 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

By Matt White

In this continuing series of articles I go over my top games of last year. I will preface this by saying that this is my opinion based on the time that I had with the game and what I honestly thought of it, not how the specs were. So without any more of a wait, Number 9: Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

While this game was not on my radar from the initial press release, after a few friends from the network started to fuel up the hype train on this game I started to pay attention. Not having played the first two games in this series, I felt I was kinda at a loss. Not really knowing the story behind the game until I figured out that this was supposed to be a prequel to the first “Deus Ex” game.

With this being a “play it how you want” type of game, I believe that it did succeed to some level on delivering that. Most of the areas were large in space, even if you couldn’t go inside of a lot of buildings. There were a few side quests in each area to complete before you needed to move on to the next. The shooting aspect was competent if that was how you wanted to play the game, as a shooter. If you didn’t really care to do that and wanted to go stealthy instead? Well that made the game a lot tougher; especially when it came to the boss battles in this game. Boss battles that developer Square-Enix has since stated that they farmed out to another company and was not really their doing.

You were able to beef up your Adam Jensen with a number of different “perks”. Most just facilitated different play styles. Myself, I played through as a run and gunner. This helped me in those fights that you couldn’t avoid and let me take out people in others that could be. As far as replay in this title goes, it goes as far as the number of play styles that you can create. There was one piece of DLC released for this game called “Missing Link”, which I have not played, that was supposed to be good. Due to the somewhat low sales of it, there hasn’t been any more created. Also as far as replay value does, this does not have any form of multiplayer to speak of.

Bottom line is after a few months, if you like game that can in certain points make you think this game would be great for you. If you do not care about competitive multiplayer, then this game is for you. Other than that, I would say it would be a good Gamefly rental or if you can find it in the bargain bins at your local brick and mortar or online. In any other year this game might have reached my top five, but with a few glaring weaknesses I cannot put it up there this year.

Please keep in mind that this list is my opinion only and should not reflect the views of the rest of the staff at Open Forum Radio. Thank you for your time and keep an eye out on what I think is number 7 in this countdown, it might just surprise you.