Top Ten of 2011: Killzone 3

Top Ten of 2011: Killzone 3

By Matt “Chtulu80” White

The second PS3 exclusive on this list I have to go with “Killzone3”. As with many Playstation exclusive titles this title seemed to be hurt by the lack of advertisement. I cannot remember seeing many, if any, commercials for this title and not much online ad space for this title. While there was little hype or getting the word out about this title, it does not mean that it is a bad game. Far from it, for it to be this high up on my list they had to do a few things right.

First of all this title picks up right after the second game in the series. The cut scene that starts this game is fantastic and it just gets better from there. The frame rate seems to be steady throughout the game. The graphics show why the PS3 is a powerhouse of a machine. Just seeing the helgan soldiers come after you in those masks makes you want to hide to get a shot lined up. While this is a FPS title, it does the graphics right both in single player and in multiplayer.

If there were some bad things about Killzone 2 they have been fixed for the most part in the third game. One of the big problems that I had that was fixed was control schemes. In Killzone 2 they had so many control schemes that it seemed really confusing for a newcomer to the game. I know that it was confusing for me. For some reason though the default scheme for Killzone 3 just seemed to fit just right for me.

The story of this game was actually pretty solid for an FPS. It shows an enemy almost at war with its self. More of a power struggle within the Helgan government. Plus, a game with Malcom McDowell cannot be all that bad right? He is true to his bad boy self. The story of the single player seemed to be about the right length for me. If I had to remember, I would have to say it was between 8 and 10 hours or so. Not overtly long so take a few hours and play it for your self and when you are done go to where this game truly shines.

The multiplayer in this title is fantastic. Probably the best team based FPS on the PS3. I do not say that lightly with the likes of “Battlefield”, “Call of Duty”, and others on this system along with exclusive “Uncharted 3”. The multiplayer offers many different types of classes for you to choose from. Of course each class has its own guns and special unlocks. There is nothing more satisfying than having your own rocket turret take out enemies, or just disguising yourself as the enemy and blasting them with a shotgun without then knowing you are not on your team. There are different game types. Of course you have your typical team deathmatch but also it has a game type called “warzone”. This encompasses many different types of gameplay into one match. One moment it could be deathmatch, then it could switch to a capture and defend style of play for a set amount of time.

If you pick this title up and decide to go into the multiplayer then hit up our own Vicjohusmc86 on twitter on tuesday nights for the 40Cast usual Tuesday Night Killzone game night. Fun and hilarity always ensue and isn’t that what gaming is about? Having good times with good people.

Recently Sony has tried a new way of getting this game into new players hands. They are offering the multiplayer section standalone on the playstation store for a whole $15. It is worth more than that so what are you missing? If multiplayer only isn’t your thing and would like a physical copy then you can probably find one for well under $30 by now. What are you waiting for? Go get this now!