Top Ten Of 2011: Marvel Pinball

Top Ten Games That I Have Played From 2011

By Matt White

In what I will attempt to be daily articles over the next week and a half I will go back through my catalog of titles I have played from last year and see what ranks where. These can either be Playstation 3 titles, Xbox 360 titles or downloadable games from their prospective networks. I have been through the gauntlet of titles this year with this being my first whole year owning a Playstation 3 and also adding Gamefly rental service. There have been a lot of hits this year with a few games that ended up being duds, in my opinion. So without making you wait any longer I will start this list at number 10 on this list

Marvel Pinball (Zen Pinball Marvel, Pinball FX Marvel) PSN/Xbox360

I had fooled around with many video pinball games through out the years including Pinbot on the original NES. While some of them where just pure cash in attempts on pinball lovers everywhere, Zen Studios have come up with something great. While Zen has been doing original tables for their respective games, this was the first time they were charged to do a set of them. Disney/Marvel Entertainment must have seen something in this company to put their faith in Zen to create something great with one of their biggest universes.

The original set of tables that came out included “Wolverine”, “The Amazing Spider-Man”, “Blade”, and “Iron Man”. This was a great starter pack at a great value for $10 or 800 MSP. With this pack Zen gave me great selection of tables, long hours of play, and somewhat of a high score chase with my brother. Now each table has its own difficulty level that can be changed, and also different bonus modes that can help you rack up those high score that are fun to get to and play. I can remember many nights when I got little sleep because I thought “Oh just one more game”. This title delivered for me in replay value. I still go back to these tables to this day. Playstation Network just offered this title free for their PSN Plus membership subscription and if you didn’t pick it up when you had the opportunity to do so, you deserve a kick in the pants.

So what does the future of this title hold? That is anyone’s guess. Marvel has trusted them to do more tables. If this is a cash grab on their part or true faith in Zens ability is beyond me. 6 more tables have been released including “Captain America”, “Fantastic Four”, “Ghost Rider”, “Thor”, “Moon Knight”, And “X-Men”. What other heroes or villians might they be planning for future tables is anyone’s guess, but if anyone out there is decision making powers is listening I would love to see a “Punisher” table. Frank Castle can save the world one bullet at a time