Top Ten of 2011: Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

Top Ten of 2011: Uncharted 3

By Matt “Chtulu80” White

In this ongoing series of my top games of 2011 I have come to number 5, “Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception” I would love to say that Naughty Dog has done it again. I do have to say that 2011 was a great year for gaming. Was “Uncharted 3” worthy of a higher number? Maybe, just not in my world.

I picked up this game on launch day. After playing the first two entries into this series, I was expecting a jump in graphics, gameplay, and story similar to the jump that was in the first two games. I did not get this. While all the above were great and fantastic, it just did not have that large of a jump in those fields. First off Ill go with the story. The story was truly Naughty Dog. The story wanted me to think I was in Nathan Drakes shoes. I do enjoy the way that they explained the back story with Nathan and Sully. The flashback scenes added that story that has been previously untold into the light. The story takes you all over the globe from burning estates to long forgotten series with a lot in between, including a version of “Sullys first car”.

The controls were standard “Uncharted” The six axis was in the works for this entry in the series yet again. These sections worked wonders for balancing portions. Where the controls go south was when the game first game out “pre-patch” the shooting was truly horrible. What would have been headshots in the first two games would be stomach shots in this title. Again, there was too much “bullet sponging” for me and a lot of other people. There were also portions of the game where you would get ambushed, and you would get ambushed from everywhere, including behind you. There were numerous times where I would be in cover and enemies would just appear out of nowhere from behind me and nail me with a shotgun “Scarface” style.

The multiplayer portion of this game is a lot of the same from “Uncharted 2”. While this is actually pretty good, it just did not keep my attention. Guess I’m not much of a “3rd person cover shooter” type of guy. I have played it a few times, but unfortunately, since its on the Playstation 3 system there are not many people with mics. It does good for what it does, it is just not my cup of tea.

The main reasons for me that this title barely made it into my top 5 games is the game really did not give me a reason to start up a second play through after finishing it up. At the end of the game I was actually glad that it was over. The final few levels really felt pushed and maybe unfinished. The end of this story could actually have been fleshed out even more and game up with things other than the old supernatural line.

Overall you should play this game. It was one of the best 10 titles of the year just barely top 5 for me. Still this is a must play. I hope that everyone enjoys this title as much as I did. Maybe you could even go thought it a for a second play through