Tweaking our Empires

As the podcast shows slowly trundle into the real world, I realise that I need to evolve with it. Otherwise its just the same old show coming out all the time and that cant happen can it.

It cant happen because its letting you down (those who listen), but most of all its letting me down.  Now why did I put my needs before yours? Well mainly because I have control over whether my show is any good or not? If I record useless programmes then thats my fault therfor I should do my very best to make sure that I dont record bad shows. And In return hopefully you wont exercise your right and ability to stop listening to FromPage2Screen.

I recorded a show last night, Episode 35. It was a solo affair as my usual guest hosts werent around and I had spare time. So I recorded.

But that episode wont ever see the light of day. Its below par.

(even below MY Par)

Later that evening I was  listening to The Pimps Corner Episode 11 and TWICE, I was mentioned as being a good podcast to listen too and me being a good host.

That kicked me into touch. That reminded me that people actually seem to be listening to me. And that gave me a much needed kick up the rear end to improve (or at least try to improve) the show for the future.

But I do need some assistance.

I need guests for the FromPage2Screen spotlight show.

I need volunteers to record the ‘show headers’ and ‘segment headers’

And I need to wake up, and get a move on with the shows growth.

And just to show you how much I care about the show. I am typing this at 6.39am on a Monday morning.