Wednesday 11-17 Report

Gaming for 2010 has seen its run. All the major titles have been released and now it’s time for those frugal gamers to play catch up and reap the benefits of “Black Friday.” Last week saw the release of the last major players in “Call of Duty: Black Ops” supposedly “shattering” records only proving the power and the value of the brand.

I’m personally glad that all the games that I’ve been looking forward to this year have been released and that projecting out the next couple months has already been released. The next title that has tickled my fancy is the sequel to 2009 hit “Batman: Arkham Asylum” – ” Batman Arkham City”; and depending on release date, the next installment of the Pokemon series might beat it to street date.

While I will never grow out of being a gamer, it’s hard to commit and sink so much time into gaming. While in school, I was able to play World of Warcraft though by now, I’m sure that my character has been plundered by hackers. At that time I was rooming with two friends that were huge into the game and it helped having that kind of “dedication” and “expertise” around in order to ease into that MMO. Thankfully, things changed and I’ve been able to balance and find the right mixture of gaming, relaxation and other media entertainment, most notably Netflix’s 360 Add-on or application. Aside from wanting to see a sporting event live on TV, I have no other use for TV. Currently the shows that I’m interested in spending time to watch haven’t started their latest season, thankfully.

In other news, Cubs’ fans are getting exactly what they wished for, a fan to be an owner. Tom Ricketts has been on the steady decline ever since his initial press conference and it honestly offends my baseball sensibilities. He bought the whole kitten-caboodle when his family bought the Cubs – team, personnel (on and off the field), and stadium – none of which are being kind to him. While Phil Rodgers is trying to be Chicago’s smarmy, know-it-all of the town’s baseball writers, his arrogance in defending meatball fan favorite Ryne Sandberg is just sad. He can’t wait for any of the young White Sox pitching talents that get traded to excel in the pitching chasms of the NL West, and he’s already setting up in the Sandberg camp. No other team that has a managerial position is seriously considering Sandberg, frankly because he doesn’t have a pedigree. Sandberg recently signed with the team that traded him to the Cubs, the Phillies, to manage their Triple-A team. I will seriously doubt that Sandberg will ever crack the big leagues and if he does, he’ll be of a similar vein to the parade of Pittsburgh Pirates or the Kansas City Royals managers. The Florida Marlins again made their patented signature move by trading their All-Star second baseman, Dan Uggla to the Atlanta Braves for three players in return including Omar Infante and a couple of relief pitchers.

With rumors abound, I’m salivating over the possibility of a White Sox outfield consisting of Justin Upton, Alex Rios and Carl Crawford. While Crawford will cost the pretty penny, I have no idea what the Diamondbacks would want for Justin Upton. If I was GM for the Sox, I’d make this a mega deal. I would send Gavin Floyd, shortstop Alexei Ramirez, Mark Teahen, and a pair of prospects for Justin Upton, Mark Reynolds and Stephen Drew. The White Sox have had a great trading past with the Diamondbacks so I won’t be surprised if the two teams are able to get something done. I wouldn’t quite yet trade Jordan Danks or Jared Mitchell because I hope that at least one of them could become a quality outfield talent. I already have Brent Morel pegged for the starting third basemen breaking spring training.

As I said in an earlier post, both the Blackhawks and the Bulls kick off a two week road trip while the circus is in town. Last night, the Bulls took the first game of the three stops in Texas by beating the Houston Rockets. One win down, 4 to go for it to be a truly great roadtrip.