Wednesday’s Thoughts 11/10/2010

Baseball’s regular season awards are starting to trickle out. The Rawlings Gold Glove awards for best defensive players were announced for the American League and sadly, defensive stats need the better tracking. In an on-demand and instant media age that permeates America, there’s absolutely no reason for the Baseball Writers Association of America to not be able to find the true defensive standouts and cast off the old notion of the award is for the incumbent’s to lose.

The stand out case of this is Derek Jeter, and if the Booyahs and supposed experts and pundits would stop drooling over anything in navy blue pinstripes and actually watch a different team, they would be able to see this. Jeter has been on the downside of his defensive game for the better part of two years, and it’s a shame that the statistically best infield in baseball was snubbed of an award, that group being the Oakland Athletics. While I’m not the Athletics biggest fan, I can appreciate defensive reliability and for a team that finished .500, they would have finished much worse if they didn’t play a stand out defensive game.

Staying in baseball, apparently “the best pitcher in Japan” is looking to make the jump across the Pacific to America, and just like when Dice-K decided to hop across, there was a bidding war to even negotiate with him. Bad move. Japanese players, especially pitchers haven’t necessarily made the transition all that well. While Ichiro Suzuki will be inducted into the Hall of Fame when his career is done, Japanese standouts are few and far between. Hideki Matsui aka Godzilla, didn’t win the World Series until his last year with the Yankees and his better days have been behind him for the past couple years. While the term is “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, Japan is Japan, but this America where the big dogs come to play, and there is nothing more humbling than the game of baseball.

In other news, the main stream media in Chicago is late to the story again. As I’ve said on past episodes of Open Forum Radio, smart Bears fans should want the team to lose, that way it makes it harder for the utterly inept organization to bring back some of the most obstinate, arrogant and otherwise stupidest people involved in football, those people being Lovie Smith and Bears general manager Jerry Angelo. When the Bears narrowly defeated the Bills, the malaise after was more like a loss considering the team had two weeks to prepare for a winless Bills team.

The oddest thing that has transpired is that the Bears are most likely going to be one of the six playoff teams in the NFC. The reason I can say that is because no one is that good across the NFL. Normally stable and premier teams are losing to traditional bottom feeders and the entire NFL does not have one stand-out team and is plagued this year by mediocrity. Green Bay has overcome injuries but sound reasoning leads one to believe that their luck is going to run out. New England could have made a case for becoming a stand out team, but they lost to Cleveland; and then that puts doubt in my mind to whether the Jets can beat Cleveland. Houston came out looking fast but was clowned by Indianapolis followed by a stupid loss to San Diego. If that wasn’t a case enough for mediocrity, when was the last time the Chiefs and the Raiders played as well? The last time the Raiders were this good was in 2002 when they went to the Super Bowl and were destroyed by the mighty Tampa defense.

The Blackhawks can’t seem to buy a win and it’s frustrating to see how former GM Dale Tallon screwed up the organization. I guess some things don’t change.

The best news of the week so far is that my magic number is down to 8; counting down how many more losses until a 72-10 Heat season is no longer possible. Thank you Utah Jazz!

I also did pick up Call of Duty: Black Ops, but have yet to start it. I don’t know what to expect from it. What I’ve heard has been mixed at best. I’ll have my full thoughts later.