What I watched today

Earlier today I mentioned in a blog that I was giving up on the Hollywood Blockbuster for the day and focussing on small B-Movies 9as I class them) in the hope of finding something original and decent.

I was going to save all this for a podcast, but as often happens on my shows, I end up talking about things that arent even on the to-do-list. So why waste the information, I shall just talk about it here and if it comes up again on the next recording, so be it. I know that far more people listen to the shows than read these blogs.

First up was a film from 2007, based on an incident that happened in 2001.

The film is ‘Stuck’ and stars Mena Suvari & Stephen Rea (and several others, its not just the two of them) The basic story is that Mena is driving a car, hits Stephen Rea, and he goes half way through her windscreen. She drives home and spends some time wondering what to do with the still alive man whos trapped in her car.

I swear if it wasnt a true story, youd think it was a crazy unbelievable tale.

Did I like the film? Well it was definitely original but it irritated me for the following reasons. Other than Stephen Rea, other than a homeless man, and other than a next door neighbour child. Every single person in the film is just a horrible person. It was depressing. It reminded me of a Bryan Singer film called Apt Pupil (based on a Stephen King novella) where both main characters are horrible so you dont really give a shit about either of them. I had a million % sympathy for Stephen Rea in ‘Stuck’ but everyone else pretty much annoyed me.

But all in all it was a decent enough film.

Far better than the second film I watched. 2008′s The Strangers, starring Liv Tyler and a bunch of people that I didnt see because after 40 minutes I turned the film off. The storyline of ‘whos that trying to get into our house’ has been done so much better in a film called ‘Them’ (french film – 2006) and films like Eden Lake (2008) do the ‘hooded lunatics’ storyline far better than The Strangers.

And finally I put the DVD of 1998′s Noose, starring Denis Leary in only to find that in fact I had watched this film years before. Had I not, I would have said it was the best film I have seen today. A Boston gangster film about a community and its code of silence.  Well worth watching, but just the once.

And to wrap up the evening. I went to a TV show pilot episode called Boardwalk Empire. I had been meaning to watch this for a while but was never in the mood. Tonight I was and I really enjoyed it. Great to see Steve Buscemi taking front and centre stage.

All in all I enjoyed the things I watched today far more than watching some $200Million budgeted piece of whatever.

Experiment: Success!!!!!