What will be said in Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal Event

Good day to all.  I know it has been a while but, summarily, I’ve been trying to decipher how I will return to writing for Open Forum Radio.

While I enjoy writing, I do not want to regurgitate the same information you can get anywhere.  So, I will bring you a unique or, as Gamertag Radio’s Godfrey would say, exclusive perspective.  My business proficiency and consumer behavior interest will take center stage from now on.  If you stay around, and I hope you do, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.  That being said, let’s get our event glossary established.

Always On:  This is a literal term, not a connectivity requirement.  Rumor has it the new console accepts HDMI output from Cable receivers.  When the image is pushed through the Durango, It will overlay a kinect based menu and UI that will allow users to control their Cable box with voice or hand gestures.  Microsoft will redefine the meaning of always on and introduce Illumiroom (defined below).

Blu-Ray:  Hell, it’s about time!  I wonder though, will this Blu-Ray player accept 4K Resolution BR discs?  We will all know soon.

Casual:  Just mentally replace Kinect with casual.  Everytime you hear the word casual, know that it will mean Kinect functionality in some way.  Either way, they are not addressing me.

Competitive Gaming:  This is where Twitch TV will be introduced.  Twitch streams feeds of competitve multiplayer experiences to the masses.  This newer entertainment medium is sure to gain ground in our always connected futures.

Convergent (media):  According to the leaked powerpoint three months back, convergent media means doing things concurrently, or two things at once.  So, hopefully, we can finally stream Last.Fm as we save the galaxy again as Master Chief.  Honestly, I believe it will extend beyond that to streaming to Twitch, uploading to facebook and Skypechatting while playing Infinity Ward’s latest, and exclusive, title.

Depth:  Always a term used when discussing a diverse product line.  Microsoft believes it has one but te diversity will be relegated to its downloadable, smaller, independently-developed titles.

Emerging Market:  Markets or areas of the gaming world that are expected to grow substantially over the next three years.  Latest market indicators point toward Brazil and other Latin American countries.  If you’re a Sega gamer as I am, you’ve know that the Megadrive has been huge there for 20 years.

Exclusive:  On Major Nelson Radio #476, Aaron Greenberg mentioned that Microsoft will have some.  He also mentioned that E3 is all about games so the inevitable annoucements may occur in June.  Keep your ears open.

Hardcore:  While relegated to an overly violent or sexual game, should be reflected in intelligent titles like Bioshock Infinite, Catherine, Tomb Raider, The Walking Dead and so on.  Really, only means shooters, which is Microsoft’s specialty.

Illumiroom:  Many rumors of a projection device that superimposes the game’s environment into your plaing space will become a reality.  I believe the technology is gimmicky at best, especially if the Oculus Rift (defined below) is introduced.

Jump In: In a bold move, I predict MS abandons the Jump In slogan.  Microsoft’s branding is all over the place from the dancing Surface Ads to the calm iOS vs Android wedding featuring Windows Phone 8 on a Nokia Lumia.  Microsoft desperately wants to disassociate from the restrictive connotations of the past and ensure this box is for everyone.  I’m going with “Infinite Possibilities” or “Infinite Enertainment” as a viable slogan option.

More: Take a shot of water and do 5 pushups everytime you hear the word more.  Microsoft will pound that word into you subconscious to make you more willing to accept a higher price for the Durango.  It’s a trap.

Oculus Rift (functionality):  This is a longshot as the Durango supports the realistic and expensive Virtual Reality glasses, it may make the Illumiroom technology obsolete. I say this assuming the Illumiroom and OR technology are both accessories available at approximately the same price.

Party Chat:  Will be revamped with Skype (finally).  Hopefully Microsoft will announce that all level of XBox Live subscribers can use Party chat for free.  Also, here’s to hoping Skype parties can be recorded on a PC connected to same network.  That would be awesome.

Pricing:  It may be a long shot here but if it appears, a subsidized and unsubsidized split will occur.  Subsidized pricing models provide an immediate price discount in exchange for a long-term static payment obligation.  Consider the subsidy model as your cellphone requiring a 2-year agreement.  The subsidized model will be much less expensive initially but will be bundled with an Xbox Live Subscription.  The unsubsidized model will not be packaged with anything and be much more expensive.

Revenue:  The gaming industry’s revenue increased 7%  in 2012 over 2011.  This growth is greater than any other entertainment medium and Microsoft will tell you that.  Greenberg will compare box office revenues to game revenues and the margin will seem vast.  What he won’t say is that games costs 4 times the amount of an expensive movie and that revenues are a biased comparative tool.  You heard it here first.

Services:  Sorry gamers but if you thought this next console was for you, somebody told you wrong.  The next box will enable new gaming experiences but was built to provide more services.  Paid services.  Microsoft will give you stats on how much money they earned on services.  Microsoft is a great company and every great company knows how to make money.

Simplicity:  It will be used to explain the controller-free UI and mostly be attached to anything relating to Kinect.  I suspect it will resonate multiple times throughout the event.

Statistics:  Microsoft has a vast analytic group and they will want to show them off.  Most of them will revolve around Xbox Live numbers, Neftlix usage by console, time spent on Xbox Live, total number of achievements earned, and number of spouses upset.  Well, maybe not that last one but you get my point.

Well, that is all I have for now.  Keep in mind if MS doesn’t discuss all of these on May 21, you can guarantee they will be discussed  at E3 in June. The #XboxReveal event will air on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.,  CST.  The event will be live streamed on Xbox.com, Spike TV, and over Xbox Live.  In addition, many popular gaming sites (Giantbomb, Rev3Games) will host an enhanced feed, adding predictions  commentary, and post-event analysis.  So, where will you be watching the feed?  What do you think Microsoft will discuss tomorrow?