White Sox Baseball Heated Up Fast

The rumors are why I love the MLB offseason. With arbitration offers tendered, players being launched and free agent rumors. As of 3:30 PM CST, the White Sox have emerged as the front runner to land slugger Adam Dunn, and reports have a flurry of activity coming from the Sox’s front office. The Sox have not offered closer Bobby Jenks a contract signifying the end of his era, Paul Konerko and JJ Putz have declined their arbitration offers but that hasn’t tampered my excitement. PK resigned and took less money after the ’05 season and I’ll always respect his tenure and loyalty to the organization. He has other priorities, that being family and I won’t hold it against him. Bobby Jenks has tested the patience of fans, the staff and the front office for 3 years. He had been asked to lose weight for the past 3 years but has remained a rather robust

Breaking Late: the White Sox are close to signing Adam Dunn to a 4 year $56MM deal (Source). That’s less than what the Detroit Tigers paid for Victor Martinez. Ha! Joe Cowley is also reporting that Konerko could be resigned too. Editorial: Boosh! PK and Dunn would be a great middle of the lineup. Christmas is coming early to the Southside!

Update (4:03 PM CST): The deal is official Adam Dunn has signed a 4 year $56MM deal with the White Sox. Rumors continue to circulate that Paul Konerko may resign with the White Sox.