White Sox Have Work To Do

I miss the White Sox and I’m already excited for the Hot Stove season. Beltre has declined his option with the Red Sox hitting the free agent market again. Talks are going on with Paul Konerko, and reports are indicating that both the White Sox and (my favorite player) AJ Pierzynski are mutually interested in re-upping for a contract. Oh, and old man Omar has been retained for another year. *Ugh*

On the pitching side, early reports are indicating that the White Sox want to lock up John Danks in a multiyear deal. Finally, he’s only been your most reliable and consistent pitcher on the team for the past couple years and is worth whatever he asks. Pitching Coach Don Cooper has been inquired upon by the Yankees, but is under control with the White Sox for another year. Suck it Yankees’ fans and face the music. You have a manager that doesn’t know how or when to use a pitcher. Girardi is over-rated (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap); and to top it off – the Yankees are indicating that they’re not going to pursue Carl Crawford because Cashman is satisfied with Gardner, Granderson and squishy-Swisher. Have fun with that next season Yankees.

In my perfect world, these are the things that will happen for the White Sox. They sign Crawford to a four year deal totaling about $70-$75 million and sign Beltre at a two year deal with an option for a third around $12-$12.5 million per year. They lock up Danks, bring back AJ and JJ. Putz, and trade for whatever kind of bullpen or minor league talent you can get for Mark Teahan, Bobby Jenks, Carlos Quentin, and Gavin Floyd.

Crawford replaces a bad Carlos Quentin in the outfield while Beltre becomes the best third baseman since the Crede years so Vizquel rotates around the infield to provide days off for everyone. This way Dayan Viciedo can work at being the first baseman of the future. The White Sox would then use sell known quality, cheap and controllable players for bullpen help, because Linebrink has to be used sparingly, and against the NL.

What will more likely happen is this scenario. The White Sox will pursue Crawford, resign PK and AJ trying for the “home-town discount” and Brent Morel will emerge as the starting third baseman out of spring training. I hope they can still then lock up Danks and trade those pieces for bullpen help.

I’m excited for the off season and I certainly hope that the White Sox make some noise.