2 and a half postings

Well, I was going to podcast about this news, but its kinda time limited. By the time a podcast came out about it, most people would know and it would be old news.

FINALLY they (being the TV accountants) have announced that there is a replacement for Charlie ‘Sheen’ Harper in the TV show Two and a Half Men.

For weeks the news media have spat out names of potential replacements for the rather vocal Sheen.

Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez and Hugh Grant were just three of the names that were chased after. I personally think that the show could have worked with Hugh Grant, as long as he played the Hugh Grant from About a Boy, rather than the Four Weddings and a Funeral Hugh.

But sadly Hugh didnt get the role and the latest and apparently official line is that Ashton Kutcher will fill the very funny shoes of Charlie Sheen.

What are my thoughts on this casting choice? Well to be honest, and I always on on these blogs and podcasts, otherwise whats the point.

My thoughts are that its a bad choice? Why?

Well Charlie Sheen was in his 40s pretending to be the person he was when he was in his youth. Ashton Kutcher still looks like he is in his youth. And for me, thats the key. Thats what made the show funny, watching a grown man pretending or trying to recapture his younger years. That just wont work with Kutcher. No offence Ashton. And as for his acting skills. Im sure they are fine but I just cant remember the last film I saw where Ashton made me laugh.

And for the major prediction of this blog.

Two and a Half Men will return this year and last but only one season. Lets see how smart I really am.

See you back here when the show ends.