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OFR Season 7 (Episode 52) – OFR World


Tuesday, Sept 20th 2016 – 9:30 EST

Introduction & Roll Call: Color Key: TMO, Vladz, Derek, Jason

Main Topics/Group Discussion: (Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com)

Star Wars Battlefront – The Death Star DLC out today (for season pass holders)

Westworld  is coming to HBO in October 2, 2016.

    1. And we can’t be MORE excited!!
    2. Cast & Crew IMDB

The future is upgradable, like it or not

    1. NPDs confirm that people are willing to jump to get the latest httpa 37 percent growth in unit sales and a 25 percent growth in dollar revenue for the Xbox One brand
      1. When the PS4 Pro hits the shelves expect nothing less that a mad rush to pick up their newest beast.
    2. seem to be needed for advancements in tech are we looking at upgradable consoles like console/PC hybrids?

Weird Tech Tokyo Game Show booth features virtual girlfriend

    1. Um…. this is weird right?

Video game developer commits digital suicide as steam removes all of Digital Homicide’s games after it sues 100 users

It’s not all about Star Wars here at OFR….. because there is also ‘STAR TREK: DISCOVERY’ 2017 CBS TV SERIES

    1. We talked about this awhile back when we first heard about it, but now we know a little bit more about the setting and characters
    2. First season of Star Trek: Discovery will unfold over 13 episodes
      1. – The series will premiere on the standard CBS television network in May 2017, but subsequent episodes will be available only on CBS All Access (which requires a monthly subscription) for audiences in Canada and the U.S. In addition, the series will be available on Netflix for international audiences in 188 other countries. Netflix will reportedly get each episode within 24 hours of its premiere on CBS All Access.
      2. The first season of the series will be set ten years before the start of the original Star Trek television series, and unfold within the “Prime” universe (as opposed to the recently rebooted Star Trek movie universe).
      3. The female lead character will be referred to as “Number One” throughout much of the first season, and won’t be the captain of the ship.
        1. “There have been six series all from the captains’ perspective, and it felt like for this new iteration of Star Trek, we need to look at life on a Starfleet vessel from a new perspective,”

More on what we reported 2 shows ago Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is somehow a perfect fit for MMA fighter Conor McGregor  John Snow / Kit Harington gets his in-game debut, too


Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Gotham is BACK! Worst: Hmmm… how should I put this…. / no my worst is the feed issues and not updating some players while others were fine then next morning I got a weird connection establish error message on our website but then it was fine. Pulling my hair out! – Thanks to HolyHeadShot, Geek William and Bluemanrule for helping to point out the feed, troubleshooting, and the internet magic fairy dust that fixed it. -&- Wildlife

Best: for honor alpha worst:  lions lost as well as my fantasy team

Best: Life is fantastic. 10 days no smoking!!!! Nice!!! Worst: Fanboys/drama

Best:  Divorce final Worst: Divorce process  


Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)

BioShock Collection, Star Wars BF, putting in work around the farm, VP season finale!!!

PopStar: Never Stop Stopping (hilarious), Orphan Black (crazy BBC AmericaShow), Song of the Week: Coin – Talk To Much (Song is off an upcoming album, Release date: TBA)(Valdz, please roll the first couple minutes of the song) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOUHiY6Ys2A  http://thisiscoin.com/ Check them out, let us know what you think. Forza horizon 3 , the revenant , gotham, Finished Narcos, Pac Man CE 2, Blindspot


  • NFL
    • Shout out to the Steelers who hosted my friend from school’s son show has cancer ‪#‎4AydenStrong‬


    • Cowboys win


  • I want to skip the first 5 mins of every NFL game if we are going to have this hide & seek / are the players gonna stand or sit during the National Anthem every weekend. As much as the NFL wants to dictate everything else a player can do…. the NFL for not putting the smackdown on this. I’d like to blame the directors of these games who seem to zoom in on all of them. How about we let people be individuals and listen to what they say, even if we don’t like/agree with it.
  • College football

🏈 OFR FFL 2016: This week’s match-ups 🏈   f

Tmo Full Effect 123.56 LuceScrews 87.58
hew jorgan 88.10 Aqua-Vladz 102.76
Noobz 2 U 94.34 Farmerton Haymakers 79.66
DeeRodge 110.96 SKYKIDO’S 131.12
Meef aka The Talent 132.92 Facetious Jesters 89.42

Shout-outs: My OFR crew – love you guys, HolyHeadShot, Geek William and Bluemanrule, all our listeners and even those who just read the show notes and move on… thank you.

Jeff, Chris, Bill, JD, Holyheadshot, MeefJ, Josh Laney @xEtrnlSoulxfor the support and kind words, Rosi Vladz, TMO, Slasher, thanks everybody for listening. Twizted papa , valagas , holy and meef , am2extreme for the code,  ofr crew i have a blast every week taking with you guys , and all who listen and understand its just 4 friends opinions about topics and our world and we are not journalists just gamers and entertainment buffs, who share a passion for what we like and understand we can’t please everyone all the time and that’s ok too, it’s a big genre with room for us all in it that’s what makes it so fantastic. there are so many scripted podcasts doing the same ole thing this is what we like to do so, God bless and thank you for your support of the ofr network we love all people! Stay open