A note on PYP 58

Dear PYP listeners,

This is Bluemarule. I appreciate you all listening to PYP. The most recent episode, episode 58 featuring Knox Broadcast, appeared to only record his audio and thus, is a one-sided show. The raw footabe is available on Youtube by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3w-7XLZfp0&list=UUbJ5xUn_pMxoF-Vu96Qo7NA

I apologize for the confusion but in order to facilitate better audio quality in the future, PYP will be moving back to an audio only format. Until Google Hangout enables stream previewing, PYP will remain an audio only show. Now, that does not prohibit some video content from populating time-to-time. So, when the feed is updated, it will likely consist of shorter, more divergent content.

Thank you again for listening/watching PYP. I really wish the audio for this show could have been fixed but I look forward to keeping you entertained and informed in the future. Stay open.