Blade Runner Sequel?

Blade Runner Sequel? Blade Runner Prequel?

This has got to be some of the most saddening news to come out of the film world for a little while.

Ridley Scott is apparently getting ready to make another Blade Runner film.

Initially it seemed people thought ‘remake remake’ but seeing as Ridley doesnt have the rights to remake the film, it appears that if he chooses to, he will have to go the sequel/prequel or just set the film in the same Universe (one where Atari are still a major brand and Pan-Am still fly ermm)

Am I keen to see another Blade Runner film?

Not really.

Will anyone else be keen to see a Blade Runner film?

I have doubts.

The young-uns who make up the cinema audiences largest percentage probably arent even aware there is a film called Blade Runner let alone getting excited about a film in the same ‘verse’

Dont get too excited about the news though. In the same way Ridleys brother Tony seems to be attached to a zillion projects, Ridley also seems to be attached to almost everything and has been rumoured to be doing films based on the board game Monopoly (that films not happening now) to the Alien prequel (which has now changed into the film Prometheus)

So will a new Blade Runner film happen.

I for one hope not. What do you wish for?