C2E2 Thoughts

This year’s C2E2 show continues in the vein of last year’s production. Though the show space is in a different area of Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center, the show breathes well though can be attributed to being a Friday. The major players are in attendance, DC Comics, Marvel and Dark Horse. Marvel is promoting their summer movie lineup in “Thor” and “Captain America.” Naturally “Thor” is receiving the most attention; my take is simply due to proximity of the release. Acura (Honda) is the official supplier of the S.H.I.E.L.D. automotive fleet and there is a demo of the “Thor” video game on the floor. DC is showing off their re-mastered Blu-Ray collection of the “Superman” series and there are advertisements for the “Green Lantern: Secret Origin” movie and “Green Lantern” animated series that will be on Cartoon Network this year. I’m excited for both though I have my doubts about Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. The animated series continues in the same style of all the DC series and I’m glad DC / Warner Brothers hasn’t deviated from that form.

EA has come to show off a live-play demo of “Battlefield 3” and set up an area for attendees to play “Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam.” The new Frostbite engine is going to be setting the bar for gaming. Detail is the name of the game in every aspect; from visuals, to sound, to character (both AI and user controlled) movement, there’s nothing that can match the experience that players will get this fall. The demo was played on a PC and I have no doubt that the best experience possible will be on the PC due to constant upgradable hardware. Everything is destructible, from potted plants, to wall panels, to building facades. Though the demo shows off development at alpha stage, the Battlefield team will have quite the feather in their cap come this fall.

The independents bring me the most value simply because I love finding someone’s style and vision for characters I love or completely new concepts. I was able to snag an interview with a local artist Tom Kelly, and how he’s fared in the industry and what his trials have been. If my co-host Larry had Tom on “Prove Your Point,” than I certainly would not have won that debate. 

Dark Horse has a digital distribution app on the iTunes store and is currently developing one for the Android Marketplace. After getting some hands on time with the software, the app runs smoothly and intuitively. The colors and sharpness jump off the page and provide a quality interface for mobile or casual comic enthusiasts. The app also allows you to store your collection in a “cloud” based format that can be accessed at any time.