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PYP 99: SoTI 1 of 2

Scarfinger, KnoxBroadcast, and Aceblack join me to discuss the State of the Gaming Industry as we see it in December 2015. Enjoy the show.

OFR 282 – 40cast Drunkcast The OFR/40cast Drunkcast episode. Star War, Drinking, Sports, Stuff and everything…..

PYP 98: Troll Free

Jason a.k.a Faitios joins me to discuss life, shirts, family, football, games, and PAX South.  Please enjoy episode 98 of Prove Your Point! 2:15 – 4:45 – First year success 7:10 – Faith and Business 11:45 – How did

OFR 279 – Broken Reality

Welcome to OFR 279 our guest Samuel aka @imonahorse, aka Cerebralshrike. We discuss Destiny’s podracing… I mean Sparrow Racing League, The Batman vs Superman trailer, Sony Experience 2015… our likes, dislikes and the broken VR demo. We also continue the

PYP: Halo 5 Roundtable

Knoxbroadcast, Scarfinger and I discuss Halo 5 in a Roundtable fashion. Please enjoy!

PYP 97: The One with Sean

This show, Sean aka Xiantayne from the OMGNexus drops in to discuss games, extra life, tv shows, interviews and this whole podcasting thing. There’s a lot in store so enjoy PYP 97.

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