Chicago Won Sunday

Chicago had a good sports Sunday. The Bears showed that they the Mike Martz Offense can be effective, Jay Cutler had a good day with only one hiccup in the red-zone; but most importantly the offensive line was the best I’ve seen all year. Cutler was able to have time to sit back and let the receivers run their routes, but Cutler also did what he does best – scramble out of the pocket and make a quality pass. The defense played their signature “Bend but don’t break” brand and were aided by the wind. The Bears’ special teams were superb and helped a previously anemic offense by greatly shortening the field the offense had to run.

Old Grey Wang looks exactly like that old. He threw a stunner just like he has throughout his career, but that pass was the best that his offense could muster. The Vikings are a broken team. Brad Childress has supposedly lost the clubhouse and that’s when you know a coach is done with a team. Ever since Old Grey Wang decided to take his talents to the Twin Cities, he has done nothing but belly-ache and complains about the way the offense is structured. Mind you that’s all he does amidst holding press conferences about not complaining about how tough it is for him to play, though he should be complaining.

This is not last year’s team, even with Adrian Peterson improving his game by not being a greasy handed fumble machine; injuries have plagued the receivers even when management brought in Randy Moss. He did not help their chances in righting the ship and only cost management millions of dollars and draft picks.

United Center sports fans had an extra reason to be happy yesterday, the Blackhawks finally won a game before they embark on their Circus Trip. Skille and Stalburg have finally started to show some life and it’s much needed for a team that is basically at the .500 mark (9-9-2). The Bulls first make the rounds in Texas before hitting the coast. If the Bulls can pick up 5 wins before Boozer returns towards the end of the trip if not, than in early December, that will be a statement, especially because the majority of December’s teams are soft: Cleveland, Minnesota, Indiana, Toronto, LA Clippers, Detroit and the Nets.