Community Gamenight: Gears of War UE

Your Open Forum Radio family hosted a party full of 12 folks and would’ve had more if Skype allowed it.  We all played some Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Scarfinger, Def Prime and I shifted to Borderlands 2 (PC) near the end of the night.  This is raw audio from the Gamenight recorded with Open Broadcast Software via Skype.

Inside Jokes to listen for:
Cold Cuts
Holding the B button

Your participants were:

Pradius (Frag Tag Radio)
Scarfinger (Scarcasm Live)
Dragon 59 (Gamer Husbands Radio)
Def Prime
KnoxBroadcast and
Bluemanrule (me)

Shoutouts:  I attempted to connect to Cerebral Shrike (Sam C) but Skype kept failing to connect.  I apologize profusely to Sam and hope he can make it this weekend.

Even though it’s a day late, happy belated birthday to Pantless Steve from Press A to Listen.  He just became a father AND an old man in the same year.  Congrats on both bro.

Congratulations to Open Forum Radio’s first sibling show, The 40Cast.  They just published their 250th episode.  VicJoh began this show out of his love for beer and knack for yammering.  He’s also a newly announced grandfather so congrats to him and Cathy.

Prayers for health and healing are with Mason Simms.  Keep him and all of MeefJ’s family in your prayers.   They are a fantastic example of a strong Christian family and what great people are.