Days of Ponder

I know I need a full time job to pay the bills, I know I need a full time role to put food on my plate and what not.
But I cant help feeling that I would be so much better at being in my home working on the FromPage2Screen side of things.
I have managed to get some work done on it though, but shhh dont tell my employers. No its okay I havent been neglecting my day job that much, I am just very efficient at clearing my workload far faster than my co-workers which enables me to sit here with my notepad and write down thoughts and plans and ideas and scenarios about where the FromPage2Screen name and structure is going.
Am I happy with the way its coming along? Very much so.

This morning I was listening to an episode of The 40 Cast and was surprised but overjoyed to hear a 5 minute conversation about yours truly. Thanks very much guys. That audio ego boost as well as an email I recieved from a network this morning has fueled me to make sure I fill my notepad up with as much as I can for the day.

I have emailed a small number of people in the hope they will accept my invitation of being a guest on a show.

No names mentioned yet but to me its a very select list that I have chosen, so if you got an email. You are very highly thought of…..

Dont panic if you havent recieved an email though, Im still working my way through the entire list of about ten people