Does Technology make us lonely?

I know it’s a bit two faced to be typing this and updating an internet blog with it. But hey, why not.

I think back to days when friends that I knew, would knock at my door and come to my home, drink tea and chat to me.

I think back to a time when I would arrange the meet friends, leave the house, spend some time in the fresh air chatting with people face to face.

I think back to the time when the friends I knew, I actually knew and spoke to face to face and mouth to ear. (in a non weird way)

Nowadays I still chat to people, but I chat via Twitter, mobile phone text message, email and even through blogs like this one.

I have 980something followers on Twitter and have met virtually none of them and the likelihood is that I will only ever meet less than a handful of them.

I don’t really need to leave the house nowadays. Currently yes I have to in order to do my day job but I could take up a homeworking job.

And never leave the house again.

I can have my shopping delivered by ordering over the internet, I can pay my bills over the internet and chat to people over the internet also.

I don’t really need to go out and that’s a sad thing.

As much as I love my Ipod, my Laptop(which is in for repair after my cat vomited on it), my DVD and my Xbox. I cant help but sometimes feel that technology certainly does have its benefits but its also causing us to lose touch with the friends that live around us.

I think if someone calls around to see me once a month I am lucky. Okay so that might all come off as me just having no friends, and that’s partly true. But I can blame technology a little bit cant i?

Whats your thoughts on technology? Does it encourage us to be hermits? Or does it just give us the ability to chat to far more people and meet more people than we ever would?