Enslaved Community Review by Scarfinger: Good, Bad, Fugly

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There’s also spoilers but you should know that already.

As you all may know my initial impressions on this game came from a video about the game released shortly before the games release. In that video the game was explained and it was during that explanation I noticed some things that didn’t sit right with me. As a black man the subject of slavery is always touchy but here it wasn’t about race. Trip enslaved Monkey for her own selfish reason as opposed to talking to him and having them work together. It was a human rights issue to me. It made me not want to buy the game. After talking about it with Blue I assumed I communicated my intentions well. I was wrong.

Playing the demo confirmed my suspicions. It made me dislike the idea more because not only does she enslave an innocent man but he tried to communicate with her on multiple occasions so the enslavement is completely unnecessary. For her to lock doors on him and launch and escape pod with him on the outside if it was selfish, cruel, and evil. Trip was immediately labeled an evil bitch by me at that point. They were two people in the same predicament and a simple conversation could have forged a companionship. A conversation she refused to have until she realized she could use him. I was not happy at this point. Their relationship should have been symbiotic instead she became a selfish parasite.

So then I played the game and I had a few thoughts. I tried to not bring any of my impressions into the game. I wanted to judge it for what it was not for what I thought. I wrote the thoughts down as the occurred. They have been organized into the The Good, The Bad and The Fugly. Uncharted comparisons will be many.

Love the highlight paths. While it was a problem for some I didn’t mind the highlighted paths at all. After playing Uncharted a bit they were actually welcome. It cut out the frustration i get form playing a lot of games that have exploration just because I don’t think like the people that made it. i will say it should have been and option so that hardcore players could play and figure it out without feeling like they are being led. Some people complained cause they couldn’t see the shimmer and color. I didn’t have that issue
Beautiful Game. The world is a post apocalyptic version of ours but it doesn’t feel like other games. The fact that the land has been recaptured by the plants and the world never lost it’s color sets it apart from other games like Fallout.
Motion capture and voice acting is superb. Ninja Theory has done a great job making sure the characters look, feel, and react like people. emotion and be felt without words  and words convey the right amount of emotion. It made the world real and for this game that helped me get past some of my issues about the characters. Very few games pull this off well.
Very cinematic. Most of my play time I was thinking this would make a great (possibly 3D) movie. The story is told very well and and it is very visually impressive. May be a great miniseries as well.
Thoughtful puzzles. I’ve always hated how games like Tomb Raider and Uncharted make me feel like “maybe I just don’t get it.” It seems all of the puzzles here were carefully constructed to challenging without being impossible to figure out without a guide. I applaud them for finding a balance.

She’s evil. I still though the act of enslaving someone you could communicate with is evil. There where parts where I though she understood that he really started to care and would free him just because. It seemed like a no brainer that he would help her anyway. She never got that memo. Throughout this game I kept trying to shake the notion of her supreme selfishness. That was more apparent when she reneged on her promise and kept the headband on when he held up his part of the “bargain.” Again it seem too obvious that he would help her anyway. I felt like this could have gone a long way with easing my concerns over the story. It didn’t happen. She didn’t  redeem herself either at the end when I was trying to figure out what was going on and she just starts destroying sh*t. Effectively destroying the chance for real closure. It made all the times she showed him compassion seem like a show to me
Gonna Vomit. The camera and controls are too loose especially on PS3 controller. I found myself overcompensating a lot and making myself motion sick in the process. Switching to a 360 controller helped a lot. I wouldn’t have been able to finish the game without it.  
Controoool. I don’t like the parts where I don’t have full camera control. While it made the game more cinematic I kept thinking I was missing something. There where times where the camera was locked and I saw orbs I could never figure out how to get to. I didn’t like that
Collectimals. I didn’t like collecting orbs. All orbs should be attracted to me. Not just combat ones. Otherwise just scratch the whole idea and pull a Bioshock. I would have been much more interested in finding more about what happened to the world than to get flashes of the world I know and hunt orbs for upgrades
Monkey let me upgrade you. Upgrades should have be simpler. Hunting orbs for points to upgrades just didn’t fit a very well constructed world. If there was straight XP and it was presented as data she gets from him to make upgrades with her tech knowledge it would have been believable for me
I hate that I love you? The budding relationship was too false to me. he seemed to be forced into caring about her and eventually he really did. That’s fine. Predictable but fine. They were never able to make me feel like she really cared about him
Porkys. I didn’t like Pigsy at all. When we first meet him the only thing we know id that he is a friend of her father and he seemed really upset when he is told the news about his passing. Shortly after he wants to f*ck Trip. WTF? That told me everything I needed to know about him. he never seemed like a great addition to the story and I never felt like he helped much. When he did help it was to try to impress the child of his friend into f*cking him. How disgusting.
-Nothing more to say. The ending didn’t make any sense to me at all.

Wait, I was supposed to do what now? Sometimes the tutorial let me die a bit before I got the hint because I didn’t do things the way they wanted it too. Earlier in the game I wanted the toss a controller a few times
Follow the yellow (red) brick road. Not a lot of variety or choice. also not a bad thing. Just noticeable
-Did I miss something? Why does he have to break a turret’s neck and why does that not disable the turret?
Can I get a hand please? I hate the “throw me up here so I can walk around easy then you can damn near kill yourself while I whine when I’m stuck” attitude she has. What happened to her reaching back to help him up?
Yep I missed something. So apparently there is an evil corporation. I wouldn’t know because I didn’t see them only robots. I only knew that the mechs were the slavers and I kept thinking “why would mechs need to enslave people?” The answer was never clear to me
Where is everybody? Other than the third wheel where are the people? i was under the impression the slavers didn’t get everyone. Now that I think about it how did Monkey and Trip get caught in the first place?
Hey Monkey, he likes it. Although predictable I hated the way they made monkey into a person the just accepted all of this. He was mad in the beginning but he let his feelings go very early. There were many signs he cared about her even when it was early and he really shouldn’t have. He was way to easy to accept her breaking her promise. He also got into the flashes way to easily for my taste.

So in conclusion…
As a whole I liked the game and had fun. While I think the story was told well I was disappointed with the actual content. I played this game right after finishing Uncharted 1 and 2 so it kind of felt like kids play from a total package perspective. That said just like Uncharted I though it was a cool cinematic experience that really does not make me want to ever play again. Minus my story issues it was good while it lasted and I recommend it for anyone to try. I don’t, however, recommend it for anyone to buy at $60. There’s just not enough to warrant that price tag. All of the things I liked about the game seemed to be presentation and not really content. I say rent it, enjoy it, then send that shit back. I find the talk about GOTY contention nonsense.

7 and that’s me being nice
Get Scale Translation: 4/5

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I agree with most of Scar’s opinions on Enslaved, one still irks me though. We discussed in length the motivations behind what Trip did to Monkey and why she felt the need to go there. I still think you are way over-thinking the character dynamic between the two and giving it a personal connotation. Though for a second there, after you find her father and she renegs on her deal… I did get a little pissed, but that softened through the rest of the game.

Oh and why the Pigsy hate? He was very believable, friends with the father, thinks the daughter is hot. He obviously wasn’t stupid enough to make a move while Daddy was still alive and kicking. I got the feeling that his character was supposed to be a joke of sorts, from the fat bastard challenging you to a race to the grappling hook. He was comedy relief IMO. This also kept his sacrifice from meaning squat at the end, other than the small fact he did it so Monkey and Trip could escape.


I just feel like she never tried to communicate her intentions to him before just enslaving the dude. She could have put the headband on and talked to him and i would have felt better about it. It really is a bit personal to me because I empathized with Monkey and the way he was described was far different than the character I played. He was a really good guy wrapped in a brute shell and he didn’t deserve this.

Pigsy was a joke but I wasn’t laughing. I just didn’t like the character. Him wanting to get with Trip was a complete turn off for me. I just didn’t like that. You cant call that guy your friend, mourn his death, and minutes later try to fuck his daughter. From a geme perspective I never felt like he helped me much except the scripted moments. That made him useless to me

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