Enslaved – Video Game Review

Enslaved – Reviewed by Vladz Hammer
Chapter 1 is also the playable Demo (Available on both Xbox Live and
Playstation Networks)
The story starts with a young teenaged girl with an ability to hack
the operating system of a slave ship run by Mechs and other slaves escaping
her recent capture. In order to escape, she overloads the ships systems
causing parts of the ship to explode and fall from the sky. In the chaos of
the ship falling apart, she is noticed by Monkey who calls out to her as she
rushes to make way to an escape pod. Monkey is another human captured by
the Mechs and Slaves. The explosions on the ship cause Monkey to be freed
from his cell. He calls out to the young girl but she flees. Using his
incredible strength and acrobatic abilities, Monkey catches up to her as she
launches the last escape pod to safety with him clinging to the outside.

The game: http://vladzhammer.wordpress.com/2010/10/13/enslaved-game-review-by-vladz/