Experiences You Need: Tales of Vesperia

Before this seventh-generation of consoles fades into the distant horizon and we welcome its descendant, I want to share some gaming experiences that all players should have.  I reviewed some and played all of these games.  I, like most reviewers, only buy games I have a positive predisposition toward.  With that being said Tales of Vesperia is an experience you need.  Hit the comments and let me know what you think.

Tales of Vesperia

Released:  August 26, 2008 – NA
Developer:  Namco Tales Studios
Publisher:  Namco Bandai
Platforms:  Playstation 3 and Reviewed on Xbox 360

Tales of Vesperia (ToV) is anime-based RPG was a surprise for me. You play as Yuri, voiced by Yuri Lowenthal oddly enough, and his world relies on Blastia to keep forces and power balanced.  Someone steals Blastia from Yuri’s peasant section of town and the adventure begins.

The game introduces many possible party members and they grow on you. This is partially contributed to the predetermined skit scenes. When triggered, an upbeat interaction between party members fleshes out their prejudices and gives the player an insight into who they are.  It helps to know who these characters are because the player’s perception of them is broken later in the story.
The game is old so textures will appear dated but the movies are brilliant. It is really heartening to see such vibrant colors on my 360.  The game looks much more modern than Eternal Sonata and Namco Bandai continues to impress with each passing game.

The best part of ToV is the combat. The LIMB system allows the player, through real-time combat, to map skills to face buttons and use the triggers as modifiers.  One can easily construct a 50-hit combo and execute a finishing move.  The skills consume mana as magic in most traditional RPGs do.

Weapons hold skills. Once you learn skills, you can equip them for use with any weapon.  The weapon crafting utilizes old equipment so it helps to hold on to that axe you haven’t used since level two.  Very powerful weapons, custom skills sets, and surprisingly impressive dialogue wrapped in a gorgeous shell make Tales of Vesperia an experience you need.


Get it Scale:  5/5  – Let’s Get It!