Facetious 67: Let’s Get Digital…Games

This week, @Scarfinger & I talk uncomfortable situations, Government cheese, Digital revenues and more. Watch live on YouTube. Enjoy Facetious 67! Let’s get it!

3:00 – Hotlanta bridge collapse

10:00 – St.Petersburg, RU Subway Train Explosion

14:00 – What is the most uncomfortable thing your family has someone asked you to do? #FPUncomfortable

  • Rasta:
    • A guy at work once asked me if I knew someone that would steal his car from him for insurance purposes.
    • A friend asked him to drive 5 hours to bail that friend’s son out of jail.
      • He never met the kid
  • Detroit
    • Once asked to pick up his friend in da hood

  • Hibachi06
    • can you tell “Tyrone” we need him to change his process for us, but “Tom” never gets that question. #FPUncomfortable

25:00 – Government Cheese

29:00 – Holy Headshot cookies

32:00 – Are platform holders making more money from digital sales than we know?

  • For Honor (pretty much a no name new IP) sold more digitally (56%) than it did physically
  • Microsoft hasn’t been reporting any numbers
  • Gamestop nixing 150+ stores
  • Xbox’s new Game Pass digital service
  • Game sharing

40:00 – Question to all the Destiny fans:

  • If coordinating raids in Destiny is hard to coordinate and if many players don’t do them, how can anyone be surprised that it’s met with disdain? I played one Raid and didn’t enjoy my experience.
  • If Raids are the pinnacle of the Destiny experience, isn’t that bad design?

50:00 – Wife’s Andromeda quote: how can the game be newer and look worse than the old ones? Is that that supposed to happen?


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