Facetious 74: Defined

This week, @Scarfinger & I talk our gamer poll, graduations in the rain, rude customers and more. Watch live on YouTube. Enjoy Facetious 74! Let’s get it!

Poll: Call yourself a gamer?

Extra Credits Gamer video

17:00 – Graduations in the rain

32:00 – How a person cuts through a crowd exemplifies his personality

35:00 – How a person treats customer service personnel defines him

Week in Review: 41:00

42:00 – Scar’s ME: Andromeda issues. ScreenRant’s Andromeda claim

51:00 – Updated Vape-mod/$ E-Juice Club

In Your Ear 👂:  57:00

Blue: Everyday by Darwin Hobbs feat. Michael McDonald

Scar:  Seagulls! Stop It Now


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