Forget the Enviroment.

Bet that got someones attention. Ive worked in many companies over the years and I dont think ive ever found one that actually tries to conserve energy or resources. Sure they have posters up and stickers on documents saying ‘think of the enviroment etc etc’ But very few people actually give a toss about the enviroment.

Example. In my home I am constantly switching lights off in rooms where there arent any people because those people who were in the room havent turned the light off. I am constantly copying documents (not just in my day job at Company X where the sheets are single sided and theres hundreds of them (use double sided folks),

In other jobs, information was shared to hundreds of people not by putting it on a display screen but by printing out hundreds of sheets of paper, leaving them on desks and then throwing those piece of paper out a day or two later when people decided the place was a mess. Its a crazy world isnt it. Dont get me wrong, Im not a member of Greenpeace of anything but I try to not waste things, specially when it costs me money (selfish I know but hey charity at home n all that) But whats your thoughts on the enviroment.

I personally dont think the majority of people give a s*it and for the life of me, I cant work out why they dont seem to care about some things. Its a wierd world, Im just living in it