Friday 11-19 Quick Thoughts

As I prep for the weekend, I wanted to put out a couple of thoughts. How the hell were the Bears the underdogs against a beat up Miami team going into Miami? The Big10 Conference and the NCAA are stupid for allowing a game to be played with a literal brick wall on the field, and all the Yankees pitchers’ blood have run cold.

The Bears featured one of the healthiest defenses in this mediocre NFL season. This is the week where teams start to separate themselves from the haze that has hung over the league this year. The Bears get nearly a second bye week by now having nine days to recover from gutting the Dolphins while the Dolphins get to look some replacement players. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not the biggest Bears fan, because I think the organization is poorly run and utterly incompetent. The Bears are good enough this year; and that’s a stark difference from being called good. The cream of the NFC is starting to separate though I won’t be looking for the Super Bowl winner to come out the NFC.

This weekend, the Illini come north to play the Northwestern Wildcats at Wrigley Field. Football used to be played at Wrigley however the confines haven’t hosted a college game since before World War II. The field was set up to run east to west. The East end-zone ends at the ivy covered brick wall. Well after 18 months of preparation, Northwestern decided that offenses would be run only heading west, away from the wall, out of concern for the safety of the player athletes. All of this is coming off the cusp of the Ricketts family (Cubs’ owners) asking the state of Illinois for $200MM dollars for renovations. I going to say it: “I told you so.” They should tear that place down and move out to the North / Northwest suburbs.

And finally, Cubs’ former pitching coach Larry Rothschild has packed his bags and decided to wear pinstripes for the time being. He’s citing family reasons because the Yankees practice and make multiple trips to Florida throughout the season. Yankees fans and pitchers beware. If you thought Joe Girardi was oblivious when it came to a pitching staff, you just got a like minded clown sitting next to him. Here are some of the names that have passed through the Rothschild Program form accelerated retirement: Kerry Wood, Mark Prior and Carlos Zambrano. If Yankees’ ownership wants to get the most out of CC, Burnett, and an aging Mariano, they should consider others. I can’t wait to see if Kerry Wood decides to explode now that Larry’s back in town.

Have a good weekend everybody!