FromPage2Screens Timetable

By: FromPage2Screen

As life itself carries on and remains chaotic, tiresome and non eventful. Work is dull, tiresome and very uneventful. The FromPage2Screen keeps me sane and the only time I am busy.

This week is slightly busier than normal with three shows lined up and only one of them is the regular Media Show I do.

Tuesday is the recording with Harold and thats our regular Media Show.

Wednesday is a free evening although might be taken up with a rehearsal for Friday (more on that in a minute, or rather a line or three).

Thursday evening I have been invited onto a video game podcast (which I shall name later as its not 101% yet) Friday is the biggest day, and not to take anything away from the Media show or the video game show, but Friday will/should be the first appearance of Annette on a podcast.

We will be chatting/interviewing a wonderful actress whom I have been chatting to for weeks and putting together a schedule for us to chat on a show. I wish these shows could be done live and by that I mean imagine being able to build up the hype for a show BEFORE its recorded so that more people would listen.

The way the shows are done now is I hype them AFTER they are recorded so that more will listen. One day perhaps I shall work out how to do live shows. Perhaps end up on a radio show or something. But anyways, Fridays show will be an event in FromPage2Screens history. It will mark the first time Annette is on a show, but hopefully not the last. Of course it will also be the first time that Annette and I have appeared on a show also. I look forward to talking more about the Friday show. For now its time to build up the confidence of Annette so that shes ready to put on the headset.