FromPage2Screen’s To Do list

An age ago I wrote a book type thing called Making It Run. It was sort of in diary form and told the attempts I made at getting into the film world using my writing.

The book itself is a fun read which was more successful than the writing career it hoped to document. On my long to do list is Volume 2, or rather just the continuation of Making It Run which will document the rise of the FromPage2Screen name from the ashes of the Bannerman12 creation. Im not sure where the writing will debut or whether it should actually be seen by anyone just yet. I mean do you really want to learn all the things I do to get done what I need or should I leave you with the illusion that I am a super success with immense talent. Hmm ponder ponder.

But along with Making it Run:Updated, I shall also continue the second volume of the life biography. Now that WILL take some work, I am about three years behind on that little baby