Gaming & Baseball Thoughts 11/24

Some people just have way too much time on their hands. While I’m an active Twitter member, the best part about being away for about 15 minutes, is that you can see all the people you follow or your friends’ reaction to news. As I had touched on a recent episode of Open Forum Radio, gamers have to move beyond our own little niches, but honestly, this is opinion is just a drop in the ocean and until people actively seek to better themselves, the gaming community will continue to earn the reputation of a utter chaos (And yes I do have a cruder and probably more accurate way of describing it, but for the sake of decency, that will have to do.).

I have yet so sit down and put any solid or consecutive time into a PS3 game, “MGS:4” and 2006’s F1 game included. I have yet to play the “Uncharted” series though you know already know my reasoning as to why I spend the overwhelming majority of my time on the 360. Anyways, I bring up “Uncharted” because it was literally just announced that Mark Wahlberg will be taking up the persona of the lead to the game turn movie series, Nathan Drake. This maybe the motivation for me to grind through the series in order for me to sound off on my thoughts of whether he’d be a good fit or not, but considering the fact that Wahlberg has previously been the silver screen’s adaptation of a video game character, “Max Payne” to little success, the internets have exploded with skeptics and hate being slung towards Hollywood.

I honestly don’t have a problem with Hollywood taking up video game franchises frankly because they have all been crap. The successes are few and far between, though I thought “Silent Hill” and “Hitman” were done well, though I’m an unabashed Timothy Olyphant fan. Hollywood was already burned by Nintendo and has steered clear since. Thank you Super Mario. That blockbuster dud has protected your other franchises from getting the live-action silver screen treatment. I guess that makes up for your recent “Screw You!” attitude and the Wii; wait on second thought – just the Wii. I’ll still gripe about you not giving us anything of any substance recently. And another thing, why the hell can’t you give the world a simultaneous release date for Pokemon?! Microsoft and Sony do it for all their releases, what’s your problem your arrogant whore!

In other news: The Tigers thought it would be a good idea to do their best Jim Hendry impression and not only outbid other teams but also themselves for the services for once a catcher, now a first baseman Victor Martinez. The problem with the Tigers is, while they’re not afraid to spend, they spend stupidly. They just gave the biggest contract to a relief pitcher in 3 years, and they signed a player that is at a log-jam position. The Tigers already have Miguel Cabrera as their everyday first baseman. They took him away from third because he’s an utter horse-crap fielder. V-Mart has been playing more first than catcher for the past couple years and he won’t be able to hold up for an entire season behind the plate. He’s only average behind the plate and with one spot already utilized for a bad fielder in M-Cab, perhaps they’re going to try one of them in the outfield. Have fun with that one Detroit.

Supposedly the White Sox were one of three or four teams interested in pursuing Victor Martinez and were willing to extend a contract worth $48MM over 3 years. I’m calling BS on that one. While it does make sense that the Sox need a first baseman, I seriously doubt that they would be willing to pay V-Mart $16MM a year, simply because that money would be better spent on Carl Crawford. The White Sox will place a premium on defense and looking at the holes they already have, I’d wager they would much rather use that money to pay for AJ Pierzynski. $16MM would pay for nearly 3 years of AJ’s services, that’s why it’s a bogus report.

This report breaking late: I just learned via MLBTradeRumors that the White Sox’s offer to V-Mart was $48MM over 4 years which is much more likely. He went where the money was, and I won’t and don’t blame him.