Halo Anthology Retrospective Episode 1: Halo Wars

Release date:  March 3, 2009
Developer:  Ensemble Studios
Platform: You really had to ask?  Xbox 360

GuideButton and Open Forum Radio are excited and proud to bring you the Halo Anthology Retrospective Series.

This is the first of many (six) shows to be released as a lead up to Halo 4’s release on November 6th 2012.  In this show, DeAndre aka Mr. Unique and Henry aka Knoxx take time out to discuss Halo Wars and the backlash of negativity it received from the Halo community (us included), as it traded its familiar first person shooter model for a surprisingly original and awesome Real-time-strategy interface and gameplay. Topics include but not limited to Halo Wars multiplayer, cooperative modes, and the campaign fiction. Enjoy, and remember to tell us what you think with feedback just visit OpenForumRadio.com or KNOXbroadcast.com. Thank you for listening & stay tuned for plenty more.