Halo: Reach Review(Spoil Free)

Halo: Reach has been declared Bungie’s last game involving the Halo universe. Needless to say there were high expectations from this game. In my review I will break it down in four parts: Single Player, C0-Op, Multi-player, and the Challenges.

Single Player: I want to start by saying the voice acting for the single player cut scenes was excellent. The voice acting along with the visuals of the cut scenes was a really nice break from game play. The story was a bit hard to follow during the first half but it ended up tying all together towards the second half. I would say the story is better then Halo 3 and ODST. I have not played 1 and 2 so I can’t compare there. The game play was the typical Halo though there are a few differences. The power ups made for a nice change, but the developers could have put them in more frequently. The power ups seemed more like an afterthought or late addition because like they were hardly in the game when you look at it as a whole. Overall I would say the single player was rather enjoyable. Most FPS fans would enjoy it and any Halo fan will too.

Co-Op: The C0-Op in this game is truly fun. The C0-Op campaign is rather enjoyable when playing with three other players. A big problem that I have found out is you can keep dying and re-spawning as long as one player doesn’t die. This made Legendary rather easy. The key was to communicate and make sure that all four of us did not die at the same time. Another form of C0-Op is the Firefight.  Firefight seems less fun in this game due to the Forge mode options for it. You’re able to get all the achievements easy by using a custom game type. I enjoyed Firefight more in ODST when the only way to get the achievements was to play through till then end with a group of friends. Overall the Co-Op campaign was enjoyable, but I lost interest in Firefight quicker than expected.

Multi-Player: Multi-player is the bread and butter of the Halo series. There are lots of game types and while I would say that it feels like previous Halo experiences, the power ups do mix it up. You choose which one you want at the beginning of the matches and this adds new strategy to the game. Each power up has its own strengths and weaknesses.  Needless to say it is better to play with a group of friends on your team then random matchmaking.

Challenges: The challenges are new to Halo. There is a “Weekly Challenge” and some daily challenges. The challenges earn you credits towards a variety of un-lockable items to be used in-game. The challenges vary across all game types; from Multi-player to Co-Op to Campaign challenges. I see lots of people on my friends list working on the challenges almost daily so it seems to really add reply value and an incentive to play the game.

I would say this game is a buy for the Halo fans and the FPS fans who don’t mind the Halo type games. There is so much more to this game than I even mentioned so you really do get value with this game. It’s a great game to play with a group of buddies whether its Co-Op campaign, Firefight, or multi-player.
4.5 out of 5 – “Get It!”