Here Comes the Boom ***1/2

Reviewed by Lamar Kukuk 10/28/12

Comedies about inspirational teachers, movies about sports underdogs who improbably win (or at least try to win) a big fight, and sitcom star-turned-Adam Sandler protégé Kevin James are three areas in which I tend to disagree with mainstream critical consensus.  Count me as a fan of all of the above and I’m clearly the target audience for Here Comes the Boom, for which the former King of Queens lost 80 pounds to portray (with an acceptable major studio comedy level of believability) a school teacher who becomes a Mixed Martial Arts fighter to raise money to save his school’s troubled music program.  If that’s not a “you know who you are” pitch, nothing is, and Boom does nothing to try to mitigate the combination of brute force and Hallmark sentiment inherent in its logline.  I had a lot of fun, and continue to find James the most appealing mainstream movie funnyman of our time

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