How do we choose the things we watch, play and listen to

The actor or actress? Not really although now and again Im partial to an easy to watch film starring Danny Dyer. Not a great actor but you know what your gonna get with one of his films.


The director?

Sometimes, but the directors like Oliver Stone, John Carpenter, David Cronenberg just dont make enough films nowadays.

The storyline?

Now and again. But I have found that the films I like the besst are the ones I know nothing about.


Lately yes. The film I am watching this evening is called ‘I Come with the rain’ and before I saw the trailer to this film I had never even heard of the title let alone the film. So far its an okay film although I am not sure this is the type of film that I am in the mood for after a tedious and mentally tiring day at work.

So what does make me pick a film?

I just dont know. Random, all of the above? My mood at the time?

If you can tell me Id love to know.

What makes you choose the films, play the games and listen to the music that you do. Im curious to know about you too.